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Little Rascals Professionals Day

I was proud to attend Little Rascals day Nursery Professionals Afternoon in May where all those involved with the company’s training and development were invited to meet up, view the latest expansion of their Darlaston site – which has grown to now take 82 children – and have some afternoon tea.

It was a lovely warm afternoon and the children were enjoying their play both inside and out. Hannin, Manager of Darlastan was a congenial host and Debbie, Director and co-Owner of Little Rascals was there to join in the celebrations.

The photo shows myself with Debbie, Hannin and other professionals from Swift, Eurosource, Walsall Early Years and Early Years Consultant Ann Harrison.

As a rapidly growing company we are pleased to support the training and development of Little Rascals, alongside the other companies. As part of our contract the company have delivered training on Observing with Tapestry, Peer Observations, Supervisions and Maths and have supported making changes to the systems of planning and observing. Alongside this we have also carried out coaching with Managers on writing their SEF and with the senior management team on supporting business growth. I’ve even acted as mediator between various staff members. By working with Little Rascals over a long period of time we have a good understanding of their ways of working and can react to their needs quickly. We were pleased to join them recently at their first Annual Conference, where the whole team came together for a full development day.

In her own words Deb says of my services

Tricia has both saved my sanity and also kicked my butt

                                                                                    May 2017

Which just about sums up my no messing approach to resolving what can sometimes seem to be insurmountable issues.

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