Tricia Wellings

What they say

Tricia has both saved my sanity and also kicked my butt

                                                  Debbie Clark, Little Rascals May 2017

If I get outstanding, you will be a big part of this process . It’s not just about the teaching and learning, as you know, it’s about the ethos and set up of the business, which you have helped me to achieve

Katie Simpson, The Garden Pre-School, April 2017

Tricia’s knowledge of Early Years and her willingness to share that knowledge, sometimes freely, sometimes at very reasonable cost has given me the confidence I need to make better decisions for our Day Nursery.

Susan Barter, St Pauls Day Nursery August 2017

It’s great how she shares new information and includes you in all communications once you have attended one of their courses, which are very interesting and encouraging

Lorraine Mitchell, Kingswell Primary School August 2017

Tricia hosted a training session I went to helping with the additional services for 30 hours. I found the session interesting and food for thought within my company. Tricia is a lovely genuine trainer and has huge experience as she has nurseries herself, this enables her to understand where we come from.

Elaine Burnett, Little Learners Day Nursery August 2017

The implementation of the 30 hours was a minefield. With the help of MBK Training on the 30 hours all was made a lot clearer and we were shown how the 30 hours could work for us if we implemented it in the right way with the right wording. I was happy with the excellence of the course but was also very impressed with the after-care received in supporting documentation and advice including a private facebook page for those who had attended the training. I chose Tricia because she has a lot of experience and expertise in early years, is directly involved in early years through owning her own setting and campaigns hard for early years providers who maybe had never worked in the industry. The course was relevant with up to date information. 

Jackie Howse, Coppice Childcare, August 2017

Tricia has supported me individually as well as my Managers, to grow into the roles they have. Tricia has given me faith in my own ability when it wasn’t so great. She has helped me to have the confidence to take my business to the next level. She has been a peacemaker and a support and sounding board, but most important to me a confidant when others had let me down. We have also used MBK for training and the courses have all been really good.

Debbie Clark, Little Rascals September 2017