Tricia Wellings

What I do

Your Business, Your Team and Ofsted: Becoming Outstanding with Ofsted is often seen as being the jewel in the crown for many providers. If it’s something you aspire to then chances are you spend a lot of time keeping yourself updated with the latest Ofsted information and looking at how it might impact on you. If you are already Outstanding then it’s not always easy to keep yourself on top form with changes in these requirements seeming to happen all the time. However, in either case it is necessary to know and understand all the current legislation, regulations and hot topics that come around which might influence outcomes from time to time. Doing this on top of ensuring your team and your environment is also excelling is not always easy and can be time-consuming.

That’s where I come in!

I am that person who reads all the relevant Ofsted documents when they come out, analyses the impact they may have on our practice and informs my early years colleagues about these. And this doesn’t apply just to Ofsted, because I run my own businesses, alongside nurseries, I am also familiar with all other aspects including, finances, occupancy levels, HR, health & safety to name but a few. I have experience in starting and running a nursery from buying and selling existing settings through to obtaining planning permission and starting from scratch.

Being a manager of others also gives me insights and experience of working with people and their teams, in order to ensure the business is running as efficiently and effectively as it can with its existing personnel. Dealing with team conflicts, managing change and supporting succession planning are also familiar things to me.

Running a business is indeed a complex matter but with 18 years experience as a nursery owner, I am uniquely placed to be a support to your nursery, pre-school or setting and ultimately, your business, offering advice and support and being there to be a sounding board for others with their new ideas for expansion and growth.

I only work with 4-6 clients at any one time and can offer an integrated support package that include my existing team of managment from within my own settings. This allows us to be completely flexible in meeting your support requirements.

One of my other specialist areas is supporting settings to help them to minimise any gaps between their local authority funding rates and their usual fees charge. Using Government Legislation and local authority Provider Agreements I can ensure you are meeting all the legal requirements whilst still maintaining your required profit levels.