Tricia Wellings

Have you got your new Ofsted Logo?

Ofsted announced recently that they have introduced a logo for GOOD providers alongside the existing one for Outstanding providers. About time I say and what a great idea! As a GOOD provider myself I have often felt a bit of ‘logo envy’ for those setting that are Outstanding – that is not to take anything away from them as it’s a great achievement – but I still want to shout about being GOOD, as that means that I’m better than satisfactory (a grade that has gone I know) but also that I have no improvements required of me – and I want the world to know it!

You can go on and download a logo if you put in your name and unique provider number and then you receive a range of formats that can be used on website, stationery or other marketing publicity. I know I have seen providers mock up their own Good logo and I wonder if this has been done to prevent that from happening – I don’t have any inside information on that one but whatever the reason I for one will be glad to use it on my website and literature for my settings (well all except the outstanding one of course!).

So I’ll look forward to seeing more of these out on display as I travel round and visit settings – and if you are one of those aspiring to be Outstanding (aren’t we all? – well lots of us anyway) – then remember we offer plenty of ways to support you in this from any one of our Ofsted Ready Courses (including a new one on Peer Observations that is hugely popular and can be delivered in your setting) to a product by our sister company Foundation Focus on Creating your SEF

We’re always here to talk over your Staff Development needs or support your business planning. Just contact us anytime.

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